Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scones for a Royal Tea Party!

Despite the fact that a part of my heart is still a little broken that Prince William will never make me his princess, in honor of the royal wedding this Friday, I am making scones. 

Because of the massive amounts of sugar I consumed over Easter weekend, I decided to use a low fat recipe from Gina's Skinny Taste Website, home to all sorts of recipes that are Weight Watchers friendly (which I do TRY to follow... really, I do!).  Even if you don't follow the program, the recipes are still really good and healthy!  Take a peek!  Gina has a few scone recipes so I knew I would find something. 

I wanted to do Blueberry Scones, since those are my favorite, but the idea of blueberry and lemon together really sounded good.  So, I decided to use this recipe, but replace the dried cranberry with fresh blueberry :

I had never made scones, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The ingredients were straight forward, like I said, I subbed blueberries for the dried cranberries.

While I know that scones are drier, I was a bit concerned that the dough was SO crumbly:

That white flour you see if what I used to flour the surface....
I didn't really knead the dough like the recipe says, since I didn't want crushed blueberries, so I just tried to combined.  It was pretty sticky, so I wet my hands to help keep the dough off my fingers.

I then formed it into this, and lightly cut the dough (not all the way though): 

Here they are right out of the oven...

The center was a bit wet still, but the rest was as cooked as I would want  them to be so I just cut around it. 

Overall, pretty good, though I would want a second go at it.  Since it is still early in the season, the blueberries were a little more tart than I would have liked, so I may have added a bit more sugar, but maybe when they are in season they would work better.  

Since it's a low fat recipe, I am trying not to compare them to my favorite scone, the Orange Scone from Panera... so good with a cup of tea or Chai latte!

Plus, I'm sure when we're watching the royal festivities at 4 am, we'll never notice the difference....

Update:  I made these on a Wednesday, and we ate them on Friday, and they were better I think.  The lemon glaze had a chance to soak in, and it made it a little sweeter.

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