Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Bus Cookies

My mom is a school bus driver, and one of her good friends (also a driver) is retiring in a couple weeks.  When my mom told me she was organizing the party for her, I knew I wanted to try to do some cookies.

I was a little nervous, since I'm still figuring out what works and what doesn't, and I didn't want them to come out bad.   Plus, until now, I've only decorated about a dozen or less cookies at one time, and for this I needed 30... that's a lot.

So 2 weekends ago, I made the cookies, since it was nice and cool, and I didn't mind having my oven on.  I stacked  them in  Ziploc bags, and put them in the freezer.

Almost 4 cups!

I started by making a whole recipe of just yellow icing.  I was so nervous I would not have enough when I made it and I would need to make another batch and match the color... but it turned out great.  I had the perfect amount.

Then I outlined the whole bus (sans wheels) with yellow, and filled that in.

Then I outlined the wheel.  I did learn that I am not good with free handing circles.  I can follow the curve of the outside great, but some of the wheels would be considered flat in real-life.... good thing this is cookie world!

Once the yellow and black were done, they had to sit overnight to dry. 

While I was waiting, I decided to make the stop signs on wax paper, rather than chance messing up on the buses and being SOL. 

I now know that I need to make them a little thicker next time... when I went to peel these off, I broke half of them... good thing I made extra!   Then while I was packaging them up, most of the signs started cracking, so I had to go back and pop off the signs, and pipe them straight onto the bus... if only I had done that to begin with!

The next day, I added the windows, and other details.  Looking at the buses, I knew something was missing... I googled school bus, and saw that most have a black line running the length of the body... so I piped that in.  I really think it adds some real life details to it.

Finally, I used my food color pen to add the "M2" (her bus number) and the town name.

I had a few extra round cookies left over, and some extra yellow icing, so I made these too, just for fun.  I did the yellow, and added the black dots using a wet-on-wet method, then piped the "M2" the next day,

Wrapped up with cut little yellows bows!

I am very proud of these.  They are by no means perfect, but I think they are cute and fun and perfect for a celebration!

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  1. Katie, those are adorable! You are very creative and talented!!!! I love your blog and your ideas! Keep them coming!