Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday cookies

I made a bunch of cookies for my mom to bring to a little girls birthday.  She was turning 5.  I wanted to make something cute and girly.  This is what I came up with.  I'm really happy with them.
Purple and Lime Green theme
The cute labels I ordered!

All Boxed up!

 See this cookie?  I wanted to make a "name plate" cookie that I could use to either write a greeting, like Happy Birthday, or someones name.  And I wanted it to be a little different that just a round or square cutter.

So, I had this big (5 inch) scalloped round cutter (that actually I bought not really looking at the size) and gently "smooshed" it into this football-ish shape.  I think it serves the purpose, and it's now a "custom" cookie cutter!

I know I have been bad about posting this summer, but my kitchen is often too hot to bake.  Next week though, I am doing cupcakes for my sister's birthday, so I will most definitely have another post then (unless there is a cupcake catastrophe... but I doubt it... did I just jinx myself).

See you then!

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